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Train resources

Train_depot +28 Layouts, Tips, Track Geometry, Train & monorails reference (1996-2001)
TrackDraw - Track 4.5-12V ,Mono ,Duplo. Need a Yahoo account for latest files and DotNet1.1. Have DotNet?
Track Designer -Track 9V, Mono. For Windows 95 runs under XP by Matthew Bates
Digitalbricks - LGEO updated files
Digitalbricks - note about old DigitalBricks site (Train poster and +25 raytraced engines, cars)
Save 9v trains - Forum to make LEGO Group to continue 9v trains (no longer updated)
Trains N Town - Site dedicated to LEGO Trains and Town. Successor to Save9vTrains.
Explore the Intelli-Train - Duplo Intelli-Train; unpublished code bricks, layouts, take apart.
(down 2008-11) De Legotreinen Site - Information, news (Dutch)

Train shops

Big Ben Bricks BBB - Make and sell custom made train wheels
Milton Train Works MTW - Sell trains custom kits and custom models

Trains layout with houses

LEGO Modeljernbane - 485m long railway with town by Knud Richardt's (English & Danish)
Patricks LEGO Trains - a 7x5m 15'x22' Train layout with landscape + 49 Engines, Movies (English,Flemish)
Thick as a brick - a 7x3 m Train layout with town, +21 Engines, Tips +30 Train links (French, English)
Austria's biggest LEGO-City Website - a 13m² Lego city with houses, trains & cars (German)


(empty 2008-11) Joep Klazen's trains +34 Engines or train set, photos, real photos
James Mathis' trains+30 Engines +40 wagons constructions
Tim Gould's trains +40 Engines, raytraced and photos
Ben Beneke's trains +14 engines BR03-86, +32 Wagons, Raytrace,photo,ldraw
Scaneli trains +14 Engines +24 wagons, photos, some photos
UR trains +13 Engines +6 Building for steam engines, raytraces,
lgauge +12 Engines, +31 Wagons, +10 train structures, +26 instructions, (-2005)
Thomas Burger's trains + 9 Engines, +11 wagons, +3 train buildings, Raytraces, instructions


Motorized train - Microscale Motorized Train


Brad's LEGO Hobby - 4 Cities with +80 Buildings, Latest and more on Brickshelf
LEGO Fire Departments
The Legoland Times - News providing an insight into the crazy life of Legomen (soon to change to The Minifig Times)
The Minifig Times - Future home of The Minifig Times (Nov 2008)
MisaQa - Animals and buildings gallery. (Website in Japanese)
Tabletown - Dr. Sinister's universe. Many photos and stories.
Legostadt - Biggest privat Austrian Lego town with trains, buildings,cars,planes,.. + Video


The Brick Apple +26 New York buildings in diorama form, Sculptures and Microscale by Sean Kenney Certifiedl
Burik Model design +18 house, Sport stadiums, public buildings by Jason Burik
Brick & Blocks - Own house, funfair and other buildings by Janey Red Brick
Jonathan Lopes' town Dioramas, buildings, streets and vehicles by Jonathan Lopes
(down 2008-11) Patricks MOC site +6 Buildings, Interior by Patrick Bosman (English, Nederlands)
Abston Church of Christ A 2x2m, 7'x5' LEGO church for 1372 minifigs by Amy Hughes
Lions Gate Models 19+ town/city buildings available as instructions or kits by Kevin Wilson


justin micro creations Microscale Fortress, Village, houses


Vehicles by Pierre Normandin +49 cars by Pierre Normandin
Cars by flicker404 +16 Cars Delorean, Knight rider, Batmobile and more by flicker404
Bricksburg Fire Department +16 Fire apparatus and appliances by Will Hess
Misterzumbi's cars +18 cars by Misterzumbi


Aircraft Carrier 5m 16' Harry S. Truman in minifig size Allpic, Ezprezzo
BC Ferry 29" long car ferry by Kevin Wilson carries up to 16 cars and trucks. Instructions available.