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Technic | Pneumatics | Robotics | NXT | Mindstorms | Spybot


Isodomos Technica - Technic and Mindstorms sets and elements, Pneumatics, Wheels (-2002)
LEGO Clock Guide - +10 Mechanical, +10 Electric, +2 Pneumatic, clock. Guide by Amnon Silverstein
(down 2008-12) Build-It-Blocks +38 library of reusable, functional building blocks, and tricks on build-it-yourself
(down 2008-12) Robolab@CEEO +71 Engineering, technology, math Activities for grades K-12, tips


LEGO Construction Site - Excavators, Cranes some Radio Controlled by Jennifer Clark
LEGO Trucks & Cranes - Gottwald crane height 5m, 3 trucks scale 1:13 by Anders Gaasedal
Texbrick - 2 Bridges, 4 Cranes,Excavator and tips by Thomas Avery (-2004)
Still playing with LEGO - Technic Helicopter, gears, steerings (hard navigate)
Leo's LEGO Design - Technic Idea Book, Small creation of things in Leo's life (-2004)
Technic Puppy +7 Constructions, instructions, Jumpo-O-Bot, +100 Robots Index (-2002)
LEGO Technic Homepage - Measurement, Motors, Pneumatics, RCX and Turing machine (-2002)
Brickley Roscowicz Engineering - Ross Crawford's cranes and other Technic stuff (some train and town as well)
Nicjasno design by Alex +7 Cars in technic Technic and Pneumatic LEGO, NXT Mindstorms and GBC (Great Ball Contraption)


CSSOH'S LEGO Pneumatics page - Air compressor, engines and models
Kevin Clague's LEGO Page - Examples of Advanced use of LEGO pneumatics

Single constructions

Fictional Gibraltar Bridge - Bridge length 29 metres and weight 450 kilo
Rubik's Cube - small version by of Maarten Steurbaut



LEGO NXT products - official
(parked 2008-12) Bnxt - a site and blog about LEGO Mindstorms NXT.
LEGO Mindstorms NXT Forum - blog about the history and future of Mindstorms (-2007)
The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog
Philo's NXT Page - NXT motor characteristics , Make own plug, Leocad part
(down 2008-12) Legoeducation - NXT Education
Hitechnic products - NXT Compass,Color Sensor - Vision subsystem, precision distance sensors and several other advanced electronics for robotics projects and academia


About Mindstorms, robots and RCX
Wikipedia Mindstorm
Official LEGO Mindstorms Home Page
FIRST LEGO League FLL LEGO robotics competition for 9-14 years students
Mario Ferraris about Mindstorm +57 robotic or Mindstorms constructions (-2002)
Plasti-Bots +19 Robots, NXT DominoBot
Robotics Academy - Carnegie Mellon University. Robot camps, building instructions
LEGO Mindstorms Internals - (+31 brokens links)
LEGO Robots - (No updates)
DCC for the RCX – Make RCX control LEGO trains


Autofabrik Build a small custom specific LEGO car (movie 7min)
Serious LEGO Various machines, including a Rubik's Cube solver
Mindstorms legends Hall of fame contest monthly 1999-2001
Pinballnews - Pinball machine built of LEGO in full size. Brickshelf1 Brickshelf2 Lugnet
Philo's Home Page - Pneumatic Wheel, Sensors, Wheels and Traction, Motor guide
Ben's LEGO Creations Mindstorms Clock, Plotter, backing truck, Plotter, Calipers (-2000)
Robotic Arms and Rovers - Various small to medium sized vehicles and robotic arms.


legomug - LEGO Mindstorms Users Group Japan (Japanese)
LRobotikas- LEGO MINDSTORMS in Spanish: forum, blog and wiki


Smart Parts - information and news about Spybotics (-2004)