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About Space, Sci-Fi , Bases, Spacecraft
Bricks In Space! - Blog gallery of new space MOCs
Classic-space - Forum, Space concept art,
(down 2008-12) the Shipyard - Shipyard with +45 big ships +100 studs

News, Blog

Masoko Tanga - Microscale Space Blog by Masoko Tanga (<weekly) (old blog -2006sept)
(down 2008-12) ZemiDotNet - Moonbase system, shipyard, blog (<Monthly)
BrickNebula Podcast on Space/LEGO (<monthly)


LegoStar Galactica - Comic story by D.M. Jeftinija
Artron space story - Picture story by Ryan Farrington (2001-2003)
Fifth Conspiracy - Spaces stories with pictures by Paul Brassington


Dan Mocpages +3 big ships, +20 ship A-Wing Carrier by Dan Jassim's
True Dimensions - Discovery 185 cm 6', Leonov, +5 Star Wars, Movies, Panel Puzzle
Hafhead +70 assorted constructions by Tony Hafner
Brickfrenzy - +60 space, moonbase, mecha, comics by Adrian Drake
Ken-Tucky's Creations +55 space ship with themes from many Sci-Fi (English, japanese)
(down 2008-12) Pope's 7 +50 Making a own universe with ships and characters by Jamie(-2002)
Starfleet force +38 Space ship in same theme by Brett Lewis
Bram spaces +30 Constructions Sorted by Space,air,land,water by Bram Lambrecht (2001-2003)
Keppler Industries +30 Space constructions, backgrounds by Kyle Keppler (-2005)
(down 2008-12) Eastern Block +29 Space ships - This is more a style than a storyline
(down 2008-12) Spamcake +25 constructions, backgrounds space +20 Constructions, backgrounds by Mark Sandlin
Astrolift +20 The astro lift company
toradochsystems +20 Constructions, backgrounds
neutronbot +15 space models
Spaceships +14 spaceships by pghanson
(down 2008-12) A&M TRON Sector - Virtual Computer-animated TRON movies and constructions


Jefferson City - Microscale future cities with 6 areas and buildings by Douglas Brod
Utopolis +21 Buildings in one town in microscale

Star Wars

News, Blogs

FBTB - From Bricks to Bothans - LEGO Star Wars, Forum, Sets,+70 MOC
Rebelscum-LEGO Minifig, Sets. Star Wars site with LEGO pages - Minifig, sets Star Wars site with LEGO
Star Wars LEGO - LEGO Star Wars News
Rare LEGOs - Comprehensive Star Wars List


LEGO star wars pictures - Episode 4,5,6 completed picture stories by Maestro s.fujita
Lego Star Wars project - Making episode 4 movie, 9 of 14 scenes is finish
Star Wars Star Story + 9 scenes with star wars themes by JPCJedi
Star wars - Constructions and setups and other sci-fi by ACPin
Galaxy Bricks - Guide to all star wars sets and mini figures.
Star Wars LEGO +80 minimodels by Chris Deck
Bruces homepage +50 models and creatures from star wars by Bruce Lowell
Star Wars by Kevin O'Connor Personal, Crafts, Dioramas by Kevin O'Connor
Dave's LEGO Site Minifig scale AT-T, X-Wing by David Eaton
Star Wars UCS +20 Star wars MOCs by Reto Geiger
Star Wars Mikepsiaki +15 Star wars MOCs by Mikepsiaki


Hoth Bricks - LEGO Star Wars blog news, sets, minifigures (French only)
Imperium der Steine - Forum, +400 active members (German only)
THE BRICK TIME LEGO Star Wars blog, news, MOCs (German only)


Bionicle cards - Chronicles of the Bionicle cards by zumoro


BZPower - Forums +28000 members News, Forums
Mask of Destiny - Forums +900 members
(down 2008-12) MNOnline V3 Forums +600 members


MechaHub News, Forum, +65 Builders and +10,000 pictures of mechas
Brickcommander +200 Mechs and Mechwarriors from 20 - 100 tons
Biomechanical Bricks +30 big bots,mechas and robotics by Eric Sophie
Plasmicbricks +6 big organic mechas by Bryce McGlone