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Roleplaying games with LEGO bricks
GameLUG GLUG - Gaming LEGO Users Group
Brick Battles - Simple medieval war games
Blocwars Simplified Brikwars (-2004)
Pirate Game - Evil Stevie's pirate game
(parked 2008-12) BrickMech - A d6-based game of modular LEGO mecha.
Brickquest Small-scale d6-base fantasy combat game for 2-6 players
Starship - A role-playing game in which players build spaceships
illusionary craft - Battle! - Quick fighting system for building blocks and minifigures


Brikwars Wargames using LEGO elements, Index to games
BrikWars Scenarios - Collection by Aaron Sneary (2002)
(down 2008-12) BrikWars Allience Fleet - Unofficial supplements by Andrew Engstrom (-2003)

Virtual Role-Playing games (RPG)

Blockland (Only IE) A Lego MOLG- Multiplayer Online Lego Game (Beta)
WhiteHexagon - A virtual world of LEGO models, build, trade. (Beta)
ROBLOX - Online virtual LEGO world. Battle & Build. Freeware. (Alpha)


Duplo have few fans, so here are pages only about Duplo.
Klasbricks duplo blog - Blog about Lego Duplo
Duplonuggets - LEGO Duplo People pictures and reference
A Duplo guide - A guide to different Duplo bricks (popup)
Linda LEGO Links - Links to Linda Hamilton LEGO and Duplo camps
Klasbricks duplo gallery One Town, skyscrapers, +10 Space +9 trains, +5 Toolo,
Duplo Boats + 6 Boats look like real models
Duplo city - City in Davis Creek
Duplo town - Town in a Lego train show in Taiwan
Explore the Intelli-Train - Duplo Intelli-Train; unpublished code bricks, layouts, take apart.


Eric Harshbarger +30 Large sculptures, mosaics,
Nathan Sawaya +12 Large and small Sculptures, mosaics LEGO Certified
Henry Lim +3 Large Sculptures and mosaic
Brickville DesignWorks make Sculptures for events (Slow java)- LEGO Certified
(parked 2008-12) Brick It Good - +30 Sculptures,bust, +20 portraits, Mosaics
Bill Ward LEGO +10 Sculptures, Pokemon by Bill Ward
Lego Mosaics Building Lego mosaics on demand, for events, birthdays, companies, etc.
CIMON Art Lego creations enhanced with metallic platings and crystals


Ongoing physical displays of LEGO
Toy and Plastic Brick Museum - Bellaire, OH; Museum solely of Legos
Traveling tours
The Art of the Brick - Schedule for Nathan Sawaya's tour


Home pages with many constructions in many themes and can't be sorted under one theme.
Pageshots directory
brickmania - I've been building my own LEGO creations for more than 25 years By Dan Siskind
LEGO on my mind - Trains, castle, Technics, Mindstorms and more by Eric Brok
HoMa's World of Bricks - Trains Riviera Express, Excava,Tips about SNOT, LEGOmetry (2001-2003)
Lucajuventino LEGO HP Town and train creation (English,+4 languages)
(down 2008-12) A&M LEGO place - Instructions, LDraw animation, LEGO Poetry and train projects
Sparky's Legos - Personal LEGO pages
Cool Lego creations - A blog featuring creations by Siraj


Pan-Pacific Bricks - Vignettes and other subjects in England or Japan (-200612)
Golden Shpleem (-200609) - New LEGO creation
BrickPlayer.com - Blog with Mosaics, Sculptures, News, Discussion, Tips

Non english

THE BRICK TIME - New models and Lego news (German)
(down 2008-12) Raymonds LEGO page Graphics homepages, sculpture, Town (menu English, Japanese)


Bricki wiki - Own LEGO creations and robotics, themes
Brikipedia - A LEGO wiki
Brick-Knight.com - Lego Batman Wiki


acarol.woz.org A 3 Digit Babbage Difference Engine of LEGO Technic
A LEGO Counting problem – In how many ways can six LEGO bricks be combined?
The Entropy of LEGO - PDF-document with the mathematics behind counting problems
OEIS Sequences Towers 2X2 Max towers 2X2 Zigzag towers Structure 2X4 Triangle 2X4


(down 2008-12) Legomation - Tutorial Site for StopMotion LEGO Movies
Making of a Brick - An interactive flash video showing the making of a LEGO brick
Building a Lego bricks Photoshop brushes set - An article and download
Digital Lego Animation - LEGO figures to walk through the 7 Sins


PromoBricks LEGO Promotional and Commemorative Brick Database Forums (down 2008-12)


Mosaic Bricks - The only blog dedicated to all things LEGO mosaics
PicToBrick - Software to generate LEGO mosaics from digital pictures



LEGO Deco - free web graphics with LEGO themes (Graphics menus, Japanase)

LEGO Ambassador

LEGOFan - Announce the LEGO Ambassador Program


(down 2008-12) X-Pod world - Photos taken on X-pod out in real World by +60 members


brickzone.net - 9 Fabuland town constructions and short stories for figures


Clone or compatible or look like Lego bricks. For those few who like to mix.
The Bloks Forum A forum for discussing all brands of building bricks
Blok City - A wiki covering Mega Bloks sets
Kreosite - A wiki about Hasbro Kre-o sets
Block and roll - Duplo compatible maze blocks
Legioblock- A clone for strong men (German)
Best-Lock [2006-]
Current British clone maker. Merged with Cobi in 2006.
Built To Rule!
BTR [Wikipedia]
2003-2004 Hasbro line of clone bricks - GI Joe, Tonka, and Transformers only.
Set list.
Byggis [non-official]
1990s Swedish. Clone bricks of licensed lines like Mario, TMNT & Jurassic Park
C3 [Wikipedia]
2004-2005 clone bricks by Art Asylum; DC Superheroes only. Set list.
Current Polish clone maker.
Current Czech clone maker.
COKO [Wikipedia]
COKO: ?-2002 (shut down by Lego) Chinese clone bricks.
CoCo Blocko: Current clone
Current Chinese clone maker. Blogs for & against.
2001(only) Lord of the Rings sets licensed to Tandem Toys (HK). Set List.
Current Canadian clone bricks.
Minitalia Reference
Bricks not with ABS done by license of LEGO group

Partially compatible
Best-Lock [-2006]
British clone maker; block was cubical; plates were 1/2 height. (via BrickWiki)
Tyco [Wikipedia]
1980s-1990s American copy. Plates were 1/2 height. Set list.

Possibly compatible
Current Chinese. Seems to have taller studs.
Current Chinese. Made by Atco; advertised as "compatible".
1960s-current Japanese. Seems to have taller studs. [Japanese only site]
PEBE [Wikipedia]
1950s-1990s East German sets. [German only main site] Set list.
Rasti [Wikipedia]
1960s-1970s Argentinian brand with hollow studs. [Portuguese only main site]

Formo [Wikipedia]
1960s-current East German blocks; half-height plates [German only main site]
1972-1993 Spanish. Same size blocks; larger studs.