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Lego Fire Users Groups and individual departments.

LMFD: The Lego Metro Fire District

The premier Lego Fire Users Group. Provides members a more realistic type setting.

Fire departments

Asbury Fire & Rescue vehicles
Bricksburg Fire Department
Jeff's Sixby FireTech
Kyola Fire & Rescue
Lego-Opolis Fire Department (parked 2013.10.26)
Lego Township Fire Department
New Brickton Fire & Rescue
North Lereado County Fire Protection District
Paradise City Fire Department
Pauland County Fire (down 2013.10.26)
St. Lego Fire & Rescue
Seaside Fire Department
Shiningston Area Fire Department (mostly broken 2009.08.15)
Warren Heights Bureau of Fire
Woodchuck County Fire & Rescue (brickshelf) (mocpages)
Zonkers Lego Fire Station