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Places to meet on Internet for discussions about general LEGO
LUGNET - News, +3000 members, Forums for clubs, Wikipedia
LEGO Message Boards - Official LEGO Message Boards
ANZFOL - Forums, +250 members, Aussie & New Zealand Fans Of LEGO
Eurobricks - Forums, +1500 members
Brick-Builder - General LEGO Forum for All Ages
Brickhorizon - Forums, an adult site for Lego fans
MLN Team - Forum +500 Members, My Lego Network, Lego Universe
"Brick Overflow" - New LEGO community on Stack Exchange - Needs Committers

Themes Communities

There are smaller themes communities under their themes
BZPower - Bionicle: Forums +28000 members, news
FBTB - From Bricks to Bothans, Star Wars, Forum +2200 members, sets
Classic-castle - Forum +800 Members, Constructions, Sets, Stories
Classic-space - Forum +450 Members, Space concept art
Mask of destiny - Bionicle: Forums +900 members
Emergency Bricks - A semi-open discussion board for Lego Fire enthusiasts

Photo Pools

Brickshelf - 3.3 Million photos & counting
BrickBuildr - Accumulator for LEGO pictures on Flickr
Flickr groups - +3300 photo pools - current "hot spot" of AFOLs
foitsop - search flicker for photos tagged foitsop - or "first in the series of pictures"
MOCpages - +200,000 photos
Yahoo groups - LEGO Groups
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LEGO groups

Place to meet and share ideas with other LEGO fans on the net or in real life
LUGFinder - World map with +43 groups and clubs provided by NELUG

United States

1st State LUG - Delaware LEGO fans meeting to build, share ideas, and have fun!
BaltoLUG - An informal monthly gathering of LEGO fans meeting in the Baltimore, MD area
BayLUG - Bay Area LEGO User Group - train,space, Photos,
(down 2008-08) CLB - Chicago LEGO Builders (a list)
DelVaLUG - Delaware Valley LUG - Lower Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, DE)
DixieLUG - Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina LEGO User Group, Photos
gardenSLUG - Garden State LEGO Users Group - New Jersey,
GFLUG - Greater Florida LEGO User Group
GtwLUG - Gateway LEGO Users Group St. Louis (one page)
HARDLUG -HAmpton RoaDs LEGO Users Group
IndyLUG - Indianapolis-centered LEGO Users Group
LUGOLA - LEGO Users Group Of Los Angeles, Photos (-2004)
LUCNY - LEGO Users of Central New York
michiana-lug - Michiana (Indiana) Area LEGO Train Club
michLUG - Michigan LEGO Users Group, sorted photos
NELUG - New England LEGO Users Group, photos, Forum
NovaLUG - Nova Scotia LEGO Users Group, photos
OCLUG - Orange County, California LEGO User Group
PennLUG - Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group - Lower Central PA
SACBB - Sacramento Brick Builders,Photos
SEALUG - Seattle LEGO Users Group
TEXLUG - Texas LEGO Users Group
WAMALUG - Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group, Photos


NALUG - The Northern Alberta LEGO Users Group
(down 2012-10) NBCLC - The Northern British Columbia LEGO Club
ParLUGment - Ottawa LEGO Users Group
NovaLUG - Nova Scotia Lego Users Group

SALUG - Southern Alberta LEGO Users Group
ToroLUG - Greater Toronto Area LEGO User Group
VicLUG – Victoria LEGO Users Group
VLC - Vancouver LEGO Club, Photos
QuéLUG - Quebec LEGO Users Group (French only)
MBLUG - Manitoba LEGO Users Group


CLUG - Canberra LEGO User Group
MUGS - Melbourne LEGO Users Group and train
Studs - Sydney LEGO user group, photos (Last meeting 2004)
SLTC - Sydney LEGO Train Club (Mainly trains, but all other things LEGO too....)
M>LTC - Melbourne LEGO Train Club
Sydlug - Sydney lego Users Group - an AFOL club based in Sydney

Great Britain

Brickish - The Brickish Association, UK fan community, Photos, Magazine

Train clubs

ILTCO -International LEGO Train Club Organization

United States

Bayltc - Bay Area LEGO Train Club
COLTC - Central Ohio LEGO Train Club
GFLTC - Greater Florida LEGO Train Club On-line
GMLTC - Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club (latest 2004feb)
GPLR - Greater Portland LEGO Railroaders
LUCNY - LEGO Users of Central New York and trains
michiana-lug - Michiana (Indiana) Area LEGO Train Club
MSLTC - Mid-South LEGO Train Club (most active 2000-2003)
NILTC - Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club (active 2000-2003)
NCLTC - North Carolina LEGO Train Club
NGLTC - North Georgia LEGO Train Club
SCLTC - The Southern California LEGO Train Club
SPLTC - The Southern Pacific LEGO Train Club
PSLTC - Greater Seattle / Puget Sound area, LEGO Train Club
TCLTC - Minneapolis Minnesota Twin Cities LEGO Train Club
TVLTC - Tennessee Valley LEGO Train Club - Huntsville & North Alabama and Middle Tennessee
WAMALTC - Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club


CPLTC - Canadian Prairie LEGO Train Clubs, Events. of nalug and salug


Communities, user groups and train clubs. Other non-English pages are sorted in their themes
Pageshots directory


Kostky - Czech-language user group with forum (Czech)


Byggepladen - Denmark's LEGO Entusiast Forening, Forum, Photos (Danish)


deBouwsteen - Netherlands, De Bouwsteen, News (Dutch)
Team Lego-Brandweer - Dutch Lego builders; building fire fighting vehicles/equipment
Lowlug - Netherlands LEGO User Groups (Dutch) - News, information, links (Dutch, some English)

German - Germany, News forum (German)
FGLTC [Parked domain 2010.06.05]- First German LEGO Train Club (English, German)
Imperium der Steine - Forum, +400 members, (German)
The Brick Time - Brick News & MOC(German)
SwissLUG - Swiss LEGO User Group - (German, also Italian, French, English)


Palikkatakomo - Finnish LEGO community. News and forum (Finnish)


BeLUG - Belgian LEGO user Groups (Menu English, Flemish)


Freelug - France Enthusiast LEGO User Group, Forum, Wiki (French:translate)


KLI - Klub LEGO Indonesia, Forum (Indonesian)


ItLUG - Italy LEGO Users Group (Italian:translate)


EJLTC - East Japan LEGO Train Club (menu English, Japanese)
legomug [Down 2010.06.05]- LEGO Mindstorms Users Group Japan (Japanese)


HUNLTC - Hungary LEGO Train Club (Hungarian)
MALUG - Magyar LEGO User Groups, Forums (Hungarian)
Luxembourg - Luxembourg LEGO User Group (Luxembourg)


Brikkelauget - Norway, LEGO user group with forum and gallery.


RoLUG - MOCs, competitions, news & events


Doublebrick - Russia, Forum,Reviews (Russian)


lugpol - Poland LEGO User Group (Polish)


Fórum 0937 - Newsgroup in Portuguese (Portuguese)
PLUG - Portuguese LEGO Users Group (Portuguese)
LUG Brasil - Brazilian LEGO User Group (Portuguese)


LEGO Spain [Domain parked 2010.06.05]- Forum (Spanish:translate), wiki [Completely commercial 2010.06.05](Spanish:translate)
Ladrillitos [Not updated since Nov 2008]- Spanish Lego Portal


Swebrick - Sweden, Lego user group with forum (Flickr gallery and Facebook page)(Swedish)


TWLUG - Taiwan LEGO User Group (Taiwanese)