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Classic-Castle - Forum, Constructions, Sets, Stories
Steve's LEGO Blog - Pirate and Castle sets of the 80s/90s


The Brick Testament - The bible illustrated with LEGO creations by Brendan Powell Smith Wikipedia
The Chronicles of Ikros - A completed 40 chapters picturies story
Brick Tales + 8 completed stories, LoTR and more
(down 2008-11) The Kingdom of Andrastavi - a magic 3 chapters picture story by Kevin Hall. (-2004)
CastLEGO A two chapter LEGO castle story. (-2001)


Castle Element - +21 buildings with surrounding landscapes by Takeshi Itou (English menus, Japanese) Brickshelf
Obi-Juan-Kenobi - LoTR, Zorro and +5 big setups with buildings and minifigs
Castles +5 Big Real and fantasy Castle and buildings by by Stephen Wroble
Jojo creations +5 castle real and fantasy, instructions +3 Large Castles, +10 Houses, minifigs history by James
Realm of Tanarth - Small villages by Tamyra Teed
Ed LEGO Castle - 1 big castle by Ed Boxer's (-2002)
Lego-Sharpe - Minfig armies from Napoleonic wars By Bernard Cornwell dns (down 2008-11)
(down 2008-11) Japanese Castle - +3 Castle and info about real Japanese castles
Automatic castle - How to make moving guards and ghost in a castle by LEGORoy


Rittersets a German Castle set reference, minifigs (German)
Castle Kingdom - A German Castle Forum


Steve's LEGO Blog - Pirate and Castle sets of the 80s/90s
Pirates Blog at
Pirates forum Classic-Pirates' forum hosted at
Classic-Pirates Flickr group

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