Dylan Otto Krider
Ones andZeros Pixelshow

Build-A-Brickbuster Contest and Pixelfest Aug. 13-14.

Ones and Zeros Pixelshow (http://www.onesandzerospixelshow.com/), a nonprofit devoted to promoting the digital arts, is hosting a worldwide contest, http://www.buildabrickbuster.com/, to find the best Brick Flicks. Winners will receive prizes and have their works presented at the Build-a-Brickbuster Pixelfest in Broomfield August 13-14, 2011.
In order for a video to qualify, LEGO bricks, sets, video games and other LEGO tools of the imagination must be intrinsic to the creation of the film/video/animation.
All forms will be considered, from documentary and stop-motion to CGI and machinima utilizing LEGO Universe and other games.
Each entry must include a form with the entrant’s name, the name of the submitted Brick Flick, entrant’s age, phone number, address and email.
A playable DVD of the LEGO video entry must accompany the entry form. The DVD should play in a standard DVD player, and the name of the LEGO video should be clearly marked on the DVD. Only one entry per envelope.
All entries must be postmarked by July 20 to: Build a Brickbuster Contest, c/o Ones and Zeros Pixelshow, P.O. Box 681, Broomfield, CO 80038-0681.
You may also submit your video online at http://www.buildabrickbuster.com/

Why Brick Flicks? A lot of animators get their start by pulling out action figures and animating a movie. LEGO bricks provide the means to build sets and vehicles and ready-made figurines, saving a lot of time drawing individual cells and allowing them to concentrate on stop-motion.
Why Machinima? Machinima also circumvents the need to draw each frame, and allows budding filmmakers to “capture” video from a video game console. Here, rather than being able to concentrate on stop-motion, an animator is freed to focus on editing, sound effects and voiceover.
Why a LEGO Video Contest? The LEGO Company has been one of the most successful toy companies due to the fact that they provide the tools of creation, and leave it to the imagination what to make of them. As a result, users provide content in the form of model creations, videos and now virtual environments in LEGO Universe. As LEGO bricks have been the gateway to stop motion animation, machinima is the gateway to 3-D animation. With the success of LEGO video games, the LEGO company has been just as integral to leading aspiring artists to the creation of virtual space and CGI. LEGO Universe in particular opens up whole new worlds of machinima possibilities, giving the user means to not only build worlds that can become part of the greater LEGO Universe, but also program in behaviors and conversations, and giving gamers the ability to change their mini-fig’s body language to convey mood and “act.” In both, as the animator matures, the videos mature with them, as they reach ever greater levels of sophistication.

Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest
Contestants will get a chance to have their work judged by pre-eminent animators, with the finalist selected by two-time Academy Award-nominee Bill Plympton. Finalists will receive prizes from LEGO Group and have their works screened at Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest and included in the DVD, Bill Plympton presents Tinsel Toys: Brick Flicks, Animated Action Figures and other Toons from the Toybox.

Saturday, Aug. 13

2 p.m. Best of the Brick Flicks:a survey of the seminal works from the genre, including “Camelot” included on the Monty Python: Holy Grail DVD, the educational film “Drugs are Like That” and some of the first LEGO films made.Also, brick flicks by local animators and members of the Machinima Club. $10;$8 for students and seniors

7 p.m. Build-A-Brickbuster Awards Ceremony – A screening of the finalists and winners who will be included on the Bill Plympton presents Tinsel Toys DVD.Awards will be given to the winners in attendance with hosts Andy Collier and Justin Suzuki of Wombatcast. $15; $10 students and seniors

Sunday, August 14, 5 p.m. –Screening of the winners of the Art Institute LEGO Universe Machinima Contest and works by local students and professors at the Art Institute – Denver and ASIFA-Colorado. $8; $5 for students and seniors.


$25 package for whole weekend; $15 for students and seniors. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/180816 or1-800-838-3006.