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Wiki-brick-links is a site housing LEGO links to help beginners and old timers alike to find all good resources in the LEGO community. The goal is to get this wiki so well known that when a new good Lego site is finished they add the link themselves to this wiki in the right place.

This is a Wiki which means if you find a misspelling, unclear label, etc., you can click "Edit this page" and fix it. If you find SPAM, remove it. If a good Lego site is missing in the list, find the right place in the structure and add it with 1-8 words describing what it is.

This Wiki is on Wikispaces which hosts more than 100000 other wikis running on a dedicated server in Serverbeach in San Francisco. Wikipsaces are focused on being easy to use. That makes it simpler for everyone in the LEGO community to work together adding good links and using this as your own "Favorites". This service I've designed to run as long as Wikispaces, and it is a free wiki service covering costs with text ads on the right side. This space was paid for being ads-free through 2006.


  • If you don't want your links to be deleted or edited mercilessly by others, do not submit them.
  • All writers will deal with each other in a civil manner on this Wiki or their entries will be removed.
  • This Wiki is NOT a place for message in text or in the notes fields, except from staff. Use mail instead.
  • This LEGO directory is meant to be a top index guiding to groups, large forums, and MOC indexes. In some cases single construction or personal pages can be linked if there is an amazing work that someone has spent more than 1000 hours making.
  • It is NOT meant to be to a index to every LEGO page, blog, forum, and MOC.
  • If you plan to add or edit many things please get a signature so you get credit for your efforts. If you plan to do some regular editing and adding please become a member and then you can promote who you are and your sites in this about page.


  • Descriptions of a link should be 1-8 words and add some facts which cannot be read out of the headlines or the name.
  • It should use a neutral point of view and avoid words as cool, big, large, or many, and instead give some sort of measure.

What to do if you find spam or non-LEGO links

  • This means the page has been vandalised. Revert the page or remove the spam links and make a note that it was spam in your comments (in the box at the bottom of the edit page).
  • If links are in the wrong place move them to the correct section.

Adding a link

  • First read through all pages and headlines to see where the link will best fit.
  • Then check out the other links in that heading to see if your new link is adding more value and is not a subset of another.
  • Add the link and a 1-8 words about it using a neutral point of view in the description. Some extra labels can be used to warn about the pages (eg. (slow) (popups) (many popups)) and if it is in or has languages other than English.
  • This place is to stay child-friendly and mainly English language. Try to link to the English part or most interesting page for that site. If there is any conflict then link to the main page of that site.
  • Test that the link works and goes to the right place.
  • If you want to add many links in some other language, please become a manager and take charge of that section. It should be called [language]_lego_links and have an entry in the navigation language. In that page there should also be a short English description for every page added. Without someone responsible for them we can't have other language pages here.

Removing links

  • If a link is broken mark it with the word "broken" and try to find out if has been moved. If it has been moved, update with the new link
    • If a site is down or removed mark it with today's date (Eg. 2005 dec).
    • If a link starts working remove the "broken" label.
    • If the page is still down after 3 months remove the link.
  • If there are different links which present the something already linked in a better way, please add them.
  • Do not be afraid removing a link; if it is good someone else will add it again. Removals are the only way to make a good list over time.

Wiki wars

  • If you add and someone else is removing the same links, think if this is the right thing to do. If you still think so, you can do the same thing one more time. On the third time your membership is removed. On the third time you have to wait for someone else to judge. Manager is favored over member and member is favored over guest in a conflict.

Fixing language

  • If you can fix the spelling or make text shorter or clearer without losing the original meaning, just do it.

Help editing

  • Using the text editors is easier than using the visual editor when adding links.
  • Double editing is not checked.
  • If editing doesn't work this probably means this Wiki has a problem with spam or a wiki war and is protected. In this event only members can edit so you will need to join in order to edit.

Get a signature

Click on link Join or in top left menu.
Fill in username and password, email address.
Check your email and click on confirmation message.
Then if you are logged in all changes will log to your signature.
No one will see your email address; it is only used for confirmations.

Be a member

If you are interested in indexing the LEGO world or making these pages better, please become a member to fix a links. Click "Join this space" at the left and write some words about why you want to be a member.
Members can still edit even if pages get protected, and all logs will be in your name.I will give you credit if you want be a manager of this space. If member is adding SPAM or involved in wiki wars they will be removed. If a member has been inactive for a year he will be removed.
Members get listed under "Manage Space" and can write 2-6 lines about themselves and have links to their LEGO sites and personal site.
To keep your membership you must visit this site regularly, at least once a month. If there has been no activity since joining you will be removed after a month. For long-term active members (over a year of active participation) the credits and info about that member will stay in the member list for the life of this Wiki.

Be a manager

To be manager is to help this place and clear link list occasionally. The little work there is to do is to approve new members, solve conflicts, and throw out spammers and troublemakers. To be a manager you agree to help this space and make some backups. After being a member a month you can apply. The only thing you need to do is to drop me a letter -- klasDOTschQgmailDOTcom. Include who you are and some reference to your other work in LEGO communities, homepages, or groups. In those pages should be an email address which should be the same as yours. This is for making sure managers of this space are real LEGO fans.
After getting the status of manager you can add yourself in the top of the managerlist and your LEGO references. If you want to stop being a manager, it is no problem - just drop me another letter to remove yourself. If I disappear or Wikispaces disappear, please move these pages to some other wiki. That is, the manager should take the backup file and republish it in some other wiki. To make a backup, go to the left menu's "Manage Space" and then on "Backup space"; it takes less than a minute. The name of these pages is for working with a normal wiki without its own space.
If a manager is inactive for 6 months he will became a member again.


1. ?


1. Make one here?

Help Wiki

1. Spread the word by adding to your Forum, LUG, LTC, links list, and at the same time look over and update the others link on this list. Mark it in your, jots or web-based bookmarks community.


- klasbricks klasbricks klasDOTschQgmail (DOT get . and Q get @ and add .com )
I in LEGO community for the Dupo area for building models with my kids. When searching for good Duplo I found many other good LEGO pages and many outdated links list thats why I started this wiki-bricks-links. My Duplo blog,My duplo gallerie, my duplo pages


Members' descriptions (if they want) with their links to clubs, Lego pages they have or are working on.

- timgould timgould Mainly a town/trainhead but I dabble in other themes as well. Links to my BS ,JLUG and Brickwiki pages.


Trendmapper for "wiki-brick-links"
W-B-L Usage Statistics


Many guest editors, and for first time a good correction, most want to add there site in first page not under their themes . Few new adds, most adds where in the list already somewhere. PLUG - make the perfect entry in Communities page under Non-English it is in the right place and with the same style, looking in the list. Thanks to PLUG which have a nice site in Portuguese.

2006-01-25 Take off

Bruce which have the daily updated blog VignetteBricks and stories site Brick Tales was nice to announce this wiki in
this is large community so after weekend many will now about it. There was 3 guest edits within 1 hour.
In google, msn, yahoo it is enough to write wiki brick links or wiki lego links to find this page. For the moment 8 backlinks, which is a good start but its need more for a random searching person to find w-b-l.

2006-01-08 Publishing

Have spend all spare time to manually crawl the Lego Internet and check all links from every good Lego page to find more good pages. Checked out every page before adding it, it is good?, it is update? Visiting over 400 pages select out +300 for they add good value to the community or a small part of it. Many outdated link list, so please check your groups, forum link list and update it. Some interesting pages everyone links to but the pages is gone. My holiday is going to end soon so I will told about this place and hope others will help to make it more complete.


I klasbricks found many LEGO links index which had a lot of broken links. The first idea was to make a good index, but that the day I stop update it will slowly get be outdated. So a wiki is a long term solution, the best place should be but they have rules saying only few external links are allowed and no pages with only links. Check speed over a month times for some different wikis then make the choice of wikispaces.


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